Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mohammed Faeik Ruzaij Al-Okby


Visiting Scholar 

Main Research Interests

IoT for medical applications

Medical electronics - Hardware & Systems Development

Emerging Technologies for Rehabilitation and Prevention

Latest publication....

  1. Al-Okby, M.R.; Roddelkopf, T.; Fleischer, H.; Thurow, K.: Evaluating a Novel Gas Sensor for Ambient Monitoring in Automated Life Science Laboratories. Sensors, 2022, 22(21), article-no. 8161, 1-20, (DOI 10.3390/s22218161), view online.
  2. Al-Okby, M.F.R.; Neubert, S.; Roddelkopf, T.; Fleischer, H.; Thurow, K.: Evaluating the IAQ and TOVC Parameter-Based Sensors for Hazardous Gases Detection and Alarming Systems. Sensors. 22(4), 2022, 14732022 view online
  3. Al-Okby, M. F. R.; Thurow, K.: WeMos IoT Controller-based Low-cost Fall Detection System for Elderly Users. Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering. 50,  2021, pp. 59-72. view online
  4. Al-Okby, M. F. R.; Neubert, S.; Roddelkopf, T.; Thurow, K.: Mobile Detection and Alarming Systems for Hazardous Gas and Volatile Chemicals in Laboratories and Industrial Locations. Sensors, 21(33), 2021, 8128 (DOI:10.3390/s21238128). view online

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Dr. Mohammed Faeik Ruzaij Al-Okby and Prof. Heidi Fleischer are finalizing the experiments for the spring semester 2022

(CELISCA 2022) Dr. M. F. R. Al-Okby and Prof. H. Fleischer are doing some final experimental work for the upcoming semester:      

SENSORS   is one of the courses to be taught in the spring semester.
As an example NOx - sensors can be used in different process scenarios  - from in-line to off-line process couplings. 

In the photo CELISCA's scientists are to test air samples - collected in plastic bags -  off-line with a reference sensor system.
These measures are to be compared with experiments performed with self-developed IoT-based NOx-sensor nodes: This can serve  as a showcase how science and technology meets university education - from theory to practice ...


Visiting Scholar Prof. Dr. Mohammed Faeik Ruzaij Al-Okby 

Dr. Mohammed Faeik Ruzaij Al-Okby von der Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Technical Institute of Babylon (Irak) verstärkt ab July 2021 als Gastwissenschaftler das Team des Center for Life Science Automation. Dr. Al-Okby ist ein ausgewiesener Spezialist im Bereich der Hardware- und Systementwicklung. Während seines einjährigen Gastaufenthaltes wird er auf dem Gebiet der tragbaren persönlichen Sicherheitssensorik in Life Science Laboren arbeiten. Seine Forschungsarbeiten stehen in direktem Zusammenhang mit dem ERC Projekt "Autonomous Development of Advanced Materials - ADAM". celisca heißt Herrn Dr. Al-Okby herzlich willkommen und wünscht  ihm viel Erfolg für seine Forschungsarbeiten.


Dr. Mohammed Faeik Ruzaij Al-Okby from Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Technical Institute of Babylon (Iraq) will join the team at the Center for Life Science Automation as a visiting scientist from July 2021. Dr. Al-Okby is a proven specialist in the field of hardware and system development. During his one-year guest stay, he will work in the field of portable personal safety sensors in life science laboratories. His research is directly related to the ERC project "Autonomous Development of Advanced Materials - ADAM". celisca warmly welcomes Dr. Al-Okby and wishes him success in his research.